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A Private Affair

We have partnered with leading Cape experience and adventure providers, to bring you a range of unforgettable activities and day trips that offer once-in-a-lifetime adventures.

Rest Your (Suit)Case

Sometimes the best escapes are the ones that allow you to just stay put for a while. A villa stay offers everything that a hotel stay does, and so much more. In the privacy of your own sanctuary, let the world come to you - on your own time.


Learn A New Skill

Immerse yourself during your travels by learning a new skill; be it testing your creative skills with ceramics, distilling your own gin in the convenience of your villa, or learning how to cook a traditionally South African meal.


A Festival of Flavours

At Icon Villas we believe that life is about discovering new tastes; every bite should be part of your sensory journey through South Africa. The epicurean experiences we offer are not only enjoyable, but also educational.


Feed Your Wanderlust

We have partnered with leading Cape adventure and touring companies to bring you a range of unforgettable day trips and experiences that offer once-in-a-lifetime adventures.


Reboot, Recharge, Unwind

Unplug to recharge. Indulge in a massage in the privacy of your own villa, or opt to be active with a personal trainer or yoga instructor, whether indoors or out and about exploring your beautiful surrounds.